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Fruit and vegetable box

Fruit and vegetable box
Fruit and vegetable box
Fruit and vegetable box

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • 1.Unaffected by water,moisture resistance,extremely lightweight,sturdy.
  • Won't rust, rot, mildew or corrode like metal or wood.
  • Can be made for die-cut.
  • Can be printed on easily and clearly.
  • Recyclable,environment-friendly.

Product Details

This product name is Fruit and Vegetable box .It is a kind of environmental material, which is pollution-free and recyclable, made of polypropylene (PP) .It is well-designed and beautifully decorated appearance.Its strong support value make fruits and vegetables safe in it and delivery simply.It is used to store fruit and vegetable,waterproof. Fruit and vegetable boxes keep fruits and vegetables fresh.It is used in vegetable greenhouse, architecture partition, heat preservation material, turnover cases of shopping center and so on.It is suitable for cooling and wash down systems and are recyclable. 





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