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Ginger Box

Ginger Box
Ginger Box
Ginger Box

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Keywords: Corrugated Ginger Box   /   Hollow turnover box   /   Ginger transport box

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Be able to waterproof ability, prevent oil abilty, acidproof,moisture resistance.
  • Light weight,rigid,strong and long time durable.
  • Easy to fabricate,custom-made cut shape.
  • Food contact packing,virgin materials. Environmental protection materials.
  • Won't rust,rot,mildew or corrode like metal or wood.

Product Details

This product name is Good Ginger Carton Box.It is a kind of environmental material, which is pollution-free and recyclable, made of polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE).It is well-designed and beautifully decorated appearance.Its strong support value make cargo safe in it and delivery simply.It is for conversion into signage, packing display,surface protection and a multitude of other industrial applications.Colorful painting and logo printing approve your product to ornamental value and brand value。Our state of the art manufacturing facilities allow us to produce high end quality packaging and provide faster product.






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