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PET Release film

PET Release film
PET Release film
PET Release film

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Good tensile effect,good electrical insulation.
  • No pollution,health and environmental protection.
  • Heat resistance and chemical resistance.
  • Outstanding waterproof and anti-corrupt capability.
  • Light weight, good mechanical properties.

Product Details

PET Release film is a film that pet substrate, and coated with silicone oil on one or double sides,in order to reduce the surface tension,let it can show off a light and stable release force for kinds of organic pressure glue.PET release film is mainly filling, isolation, protection, easy peeling effect, has been widely packaging, printing, screen printing, printing, nameplate, membrane switch, flexible circuit, insulation products, circuit board, laser anti-counterfeit, laminating, electronic, material sealing film, reflective material, waterproof material, medicine (plaster paper), toilet paper, adhesive products, die-cutting processing and other industries.






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