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The gym MATS

The gym MATS
The gym MATS
The gym MATS

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Rubber floor with rubber particles and adhesives and non-toxic non-polluting pigments
  • Thermosetting molding by die pressing
  • Can produce different thickness, density, color according to the need.

Product Details

The rubber floor is made of rubber particles and binders, non-toxic and non-polluting pigments, and is molded by thermoforming to produce different thicknesses, densities and colors according to requirements. The common basic specifications are 500×500mm, thickness 15-25mm, 25-50mm, and the colors are mainly red, green, blue, gray, black, and full of stars.


Application range:

1. Sports venues: stadiums, training martial arts, military police training grounds.

2, leisure and entertainment places: children's playground, gym, elderly activity center, exercise room, dance room, bath center, swimming pool shore.

3, public places: kindergartens, nurseries, parks, stations, shopping malls and other places that need to be non-slip.


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